"Courage and Sacrifice in Pregnancy"

Pregnancy has given me a whole new perspective on life, love, and our faith. One thought that keeps coming to mind is my ever-growing respect and reverence for women who choose life in difficult circumstances and unplanned pregnancies.

Pregnancy itself is hard enough, and here I am blessed with a healthy baby and body, a loving husband, a strong network of support, and the means to take care of our son, among countless other blessings.

But what incredible courage it takes for women to say “Yes!” to having their babies when some or all of these blessings are missing! Their strength and courage inspires me more than I can say, and as a pro-life woman I will always rally behind the beautiful mantra, “Love them both.”

Another theme that has been in my heart these past 9 months is summed up in the words of Our Lord at the Last Supper and repeated at every Mass: “This is My Body, which will given for you” (Luke 22:19). Motherhood is intrinsically Eucharistic; it echoes the words of Christ so tangibly!

Like Christ, mothers are called to offer their bodies as a living sacrifice so that others may have life. This sacrifice is indeed a sacrifice; it requires the total gift of self when it is convenient or inconvenient. But it is simultaneously one of joy and thanksgiving!

Pregnancy brings a unique grace: the ability to stay close to Christ and relate to Him in a way that only women can. I have been blessed to stay close to Him in this way!


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