Finding Christ: In the Holy Land and at Home

I just recently found myself walking the roads of Nazareth, sailing the Sea of Galilee, climbing to the top of Mount Tabor—crazy, right? I was literally walking in the footsteps of our Lord and His followers.

I was thinking to myself while I was there, “how much closer to Christ can I get?” I was sure that I had reached the peak of my existence as a Catholic as I traveled hand in hand with my love, Jesus.

You guessed it—I was wrong.

At the end of our trip we had a brief to discuss the differences between our trip and the states. I was kind of confused because I didn’t think it could be THAT different; however, once I got back, I saw the shift. I saw everyone around me differently: not in a good or bad way, just not the same. They hadn’t changed, but I definitely did.

Once I returned, I started to realize that every encounter I was making with these people I walk to class with or sit with at lunch have Christ within them. When I am ignoring someone, I am ignoring Him. I’m just as close to Him now as I have ever been. It is all about making the constant effort to remember that Christ dwells within each and everyone of us. When you look into the eyes of any person, you see a glimpse of our Creator… and I think that is pretty special.

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