Help Your Nonprofit

We work with Catholic nonprofits ( schools, churches, and other ministries) to advance their mission through inspiring gifts.
We enable Catholic nonprofits to strengthen their relationships with stakeholders through affordable, appealing gifts that lead to greater engagement. 
The gifts we offer work well for fundraisers, campaigns, and special events. Benefactors, volunteers, parents, children, and everyone involved in your nonprofit will love them. In turn, they will become even more committed to the mission that the gift represents. 
We can help your nonprofit acquire and distribute high quality keepsakes that cost very little yet yield large returns in advancing your mission.
Here is what one of our clients says: "Stay Close To Christ helped us find creative, inspiring solutions to further strengthen the mission of our school community." (Michelle Anthamatten, Principal of Saint Catherine School in Tulsa, OK)
If we can help your nonprofit in any way, please call me at (773) 706-706-8342 or email me at
I look forward to getting to know you and supporting your nonprofit!
John Roselle III
President, Stay Close To Christ, LLC