SaintCards: Base Set
SaintCards: Base Set
Stay Close To Christ

SaintCards: Base Set

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SaintCards is a Catholic game, and educational tool, that makes it fun to learn facts about the lives of the Saints!

*This is the Base Set for SaintCards and is required for Gameplay.  The Base Set will allow you to play with all of the SaintCards Expansions!


  • 106 Custom Cards with a variety of 12 different colors, 12 different symbols representing each month of the liturgical year, 20 Centuries spanning all of Church History, and hundreds of special facts that make the gameplay unique at every turn
  • 1500+ Facts that you/your child/student can memorize about these 106 Saints
  • 48 Treasure components
  • 1 Jesus Card
  • 1 Storage Bag for your SaintCards (With plenty of room for expansions)
  • 1 Metal Storage Tin (for maximum SaintCards protection and storage)

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