SaintCards: Holy Helpers' Expansion
SaintCards: Holy Helpers' Expansion
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SaintCards: Holy Helpers' Expansion

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SaintCards is a Catholic game, and educational tool, that makes it fun to learn facts about the lives of the Saints!

This expansion adds a fun twist to the Base Set game with updated rules and will complete your collection of all 14 Holy Helpers. 

*This is not a stand-alone game.  You will need the Base Set to play this Expansion.


The Holy Helpers Expansion includes the following SaintCards:

St. Acacius of Byzantium, St. Barbara, St. Blaise of Sebaste, St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Christopher, St. Cyriacus the Martyr, St. Denis of Paris, St. Erasmus, St. Eustachius, (St. George is in the base set), St. Giles, St. Margaret of Antioch, St. Pantaleon, and St. Vitus

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