St. Benedict Tiny Saint
Stay Close To Christ

St. Benedict Tiny Saint

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Do you ever feel like you need inspiration in your faith? Tiny Saints connect you with great Catholic heroes in a new way. 

Tiny Saints are inspiring reminders of those who stayed close to Christ on Earth and are close to Christ now in Heaven. 

St. Benedict shows us how to stay close to Christ by his dedication to prayer and work in community. He is a foremost figure in the foundation of monasticism. You can ask St. Benedict to pray for you, to "prefer nothing to the love of Christ" as he exhorted his monks to do.

Tiny Saints enable you to remember and share St. Benedict by having him on your keys, backpack, purse, etc. Carry a reminder of St. Benedict with you wherever you go.

The St. Benedict Tiny Saint will help you stay close to Christ. 

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