We Help You Discover Inspiring Catholic Gifts

Many Catholics struggle to focus on their faith. This crazy world tries to distract us from the center of our faith: Christ. We need reminders to stay close to Christ. Otherwise, we lose our way and miss out on the meaning of life. 

Through inspiring Catholic gifts, we help you share one powerful message: Stay Close To Christ. If you stay close to Christ and help others to do the same, then you will have peace, purpose, and joy.


“In a world full of distractions, Stay Close To Christ delivers a perfect message that cuts through the noise. If we had one message for our children, one message for our suffering friend, one message for the world before we take our last breath, perhaps it would be Stay Close To Christ.” (Joe Klinker, Creator and President of Tiny Saints) 

“Every day in my office, I see an image of the Sacred Heart and the bold command to Stay Close To Christ!  It helps to be reassured of God’s protection of my ministry when I walk in His will through those doors and out into the world to evangelize.” (Deacon Kevin Sartorius, CEO of Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma)

"Stay Close To Christ helped us find creative, inspiring solutions to further strengthen the mission of our school community." (Michelle Anthamatten, Principal of Saint Catherine School in Tulsa, OK)