"Saints Together"

What do you get when you combine sushi with a 3-hour conversation about all of the topics you should "never" address on a first date (religion, politics, and past heartbreaks)?

You get the beginning of an incredible adventure.

I never imagined that I would meet and marry the love of my life in under a year, but God has plans that far surpass even our most wonderful dreams.

I left our first date thinking that there was not enough chemistry between us. Little did I know that by the second date, I would begin to fall in love with John. By the fourth date, I drove home with tears of joy in my eyes and a peaceful heart-knowledge that this was the man I had prayed for over many years: this was the man that God wanted me to marry one day.

Throughout our relationship we agreed that our goal would be to become the saints we were created to be. We desire to become "saints together."

Just as the great saints have shown us, the key to holiness is to cling to Christ-to stay close to Him.

We hope that this new venture may help each of us stay close to Christ and become saints together.

In Christ, Kelly Roselle

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